Are Cockapoos prone to resource guarding?

Are Cockapoos prone to resource guarding? Posted on 8th July 2024 Cockapoo forums and groups are full of questions about individual dogs who guard resources – food, toys, chews, space, their own bodies and people. The adivce given is often dangerous and leads to an increase in aggression when techniques are implemented. So, are Cockapoos…

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Resource Guarding – what can you ask your breeder to do?

Jack Russel with a yellow tennis ball in hand, the owner is also holding the ball

Resource Guarding in Dogs Posted on 12th February 2024 Puppies can learn to resource guard from as early as 4 weeks old when they are weaning and fully mobile.  We know that puppies raised in poor conditions such as puppy farms or dirty environments are more likely to develop resource guarding behaviours.  Poor conditions make…

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