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Are Cockapoos prone to resource guarding?

Posted on 8th July 2024

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Cockapoo forums and groups are full of questions about individual dogs who guard resources - food, toys, chews, space, their own bodies and people. The adivce given is often dangerous and leads to an increase in aggression when techniques are implemented.

So, are Cockapoos more prone to gaurding behaviours than other dogs?

Let's take a look at some facts.


Genetics are important

The Cockapoo is a cross breed of 2 gundogs which were used to retrieve game. This means they are genetically bred to hold onto things and be tenancious in keeping hold of an item.

When we take away something they are holding, we stop our Cockapoos feeling good.

They need to carry things in their mouth.

Poor breeding

There are some excellent breeders of Cockapoos but they are also victims of many unscrupulous breeding as they are so popular.

Poor breeding effects everything - nutrition, socialisation, brain growth and development, handling, sleep and how your puppy will grow up.

Poor breeding and sterile environments will make a Cockapoo more likely to guard food they are given and items which they find. Once they enter your home where there are lots of nice things, this behaviour will emerge.

Take a look here for what to look for in a breeder.

You can also ask your breeder to start preventing resource guarding long before you bring your puppy home.

Gut issues

Cockapoos have a high population incidence of gut or tummy issues. Gut issues cause a lack of adequate nutrition, pain and hunger which are all going to make your Cockapoo more likely to guard food and chews.

Loose poos are not normal.

Fussy eating is not normal.

Both are a sign of underlying issues. Resource guarding won't improve until these are addressed.

Victims of cuteness

We love our Cockapoos because they are cute. They are fluffy, smart, cuddly and amusing.

But this causes issues because we want to cuddle them, touch them and pick them up all the time.

Imagine being touched when you are eating, relaxing or sleeping. You may get fed up. Add some pain or gut discomfort into the mix and we can see why our Cockapoos are likely to show aggression towards hands that reach towards them.

Let them sleep, let them rest and let them eat in peace.

How much sleep do dogs need? More of this in the next blog.



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