PUPPY power with talk to the paw

Hey, Puppy Parent!

Congratulations on your new family member.

Welcome to Puppy Power : Talk to the Paw's epic Puppy Training Programme!

Taught by international dog trainer and expert, Clair Hickson, our 7 weeks of interactive learning will get you off on exactly the right paw.

How does it work?

  • Classes are streamed live every week via Zoom.
  • We only accept 6 puppies per group allowing plenty of individual time for expert coaching from our head trainer, Clair.
  • Weekly presentations available on demand via an online syllabus so the family can catch up and stay in the game.
  • Exclusive access to over 50 videos and handouts
  • Daily bite sized, fun training into your email inbox to keep you motivated and set you up for success.
  • Our community group provides a friendly and supportive space to show off your training and ask for extra help and advice.
  • Fun Puppy Training

  • Capture those early, smile producing memories with 4-6 weekly games allowing you to train manners and good behaviours.
  • These games also create small challenges for you to really accelerate your success and training skills.
  • Think outside the box - no more boring "sit Fido" training.

  • Worried about socialisation?

  • Even though you cant mix with others. Don't panic!
  • Each week we guide you on a special field trip with your puppy.
  • Learn how to safely socialise your unvaccinated puppy - no more waiting for those vaccinations to be complete.
  • Introduce your puppy to the world, safely and positively creating awesome experiences so you can take them anywhere.
  • Do you want a tired puppy?

  • Our weekly challenges are great if you have children who want to get involved.
  • We use enrichment to create separation times, allowing your puppy to settle by draining their mental and physical buckets.
  • Accelerate your puppys’ brain grow rate through problem solving, frustration tolerance and use of breed specific outlets.
  • Learn about Problem Prevention

  • Our weekly problem prevention games give you positive solutions to common problems; jumping up, stealing and chewing.
  • Learn how to be proactive instead of reactive to those things you don’t want your puppy to do.
  • Get the whole family being consistent.
  • Let your puppy think and make great choices for themselves.
  • Training Puppy Parents

    • Training you, the owner, is as important as training your puppy.
    • Learn all about how puppies learn (take a peak at the video below), methods of training and all about development.
    • Refine your skills through our short, fun tasks.

    Benefits Of Online Teaching

    • Start training right away - no more waiting for vaccinations, yippee!
    • Your puppy learns in a distraction free environment instead of barking at others
    • Less distractions means we can cover a lot more than we can in a real life class
    • You both get quicker success, results and can transfer skills into real life, at home in real time
    • We have the ability to play games we can't play in person due to safety and space
    • No need to travel (and your puppy be sick in the car)
    • You receive individual coaching for the stage you are at
    • Everyone in the family can join in

    We have achieved high successes and results with virtual teaching compared to real life classes. Having taught puppies for 15+ years, Clair really believes this is the most beneficial way for your puppy to learn. We will be continuing in this way even once the pandemic is over.

    Our 7 week course is £120, payable on booking.

    You will receive a goody box and certificate on completion of your course.

    Useful resources

    Wondering about a small one? If it's not quite time for your puppy to come home with you or your thinking of getting a new puppy, check out the following resources which we hope will be useful to you.

    Before you get your puppy: what to look for in a breeder

    Time to bring your puppy home: your essential shopping list

    Help! I've got a new puppy ebook: how to tackle those first seven days

    Tricks for 10: 10 tricks for 10 days with fully comprehensive video tutorials and handouts

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