Fun and informative puppy programme for your new family member

Our puppy classes run for 7 weeks and are fun, informative and supportive.

We enrol puppies from their first vaccinations at around 10 weeks old up to 18 weeks old and we encourage families with children over 5 years old to attend.

It is important that your puppy learns about the world, people and other dogs. Most people call this puppy socialisation. We explain exactly what puppy socialisation is and teach you how to integrate your puppy safely and appropriately into society.

The first week of our 7 week course is for people only so we have chance to talk through all those common puppy problems and introduce you to training. The puppies then join us the following week.

Bookings can be taken online or give me a ring or drop an email if you would like further information

Everything we teach has relevance to continuing life with your dog – skills taught include:

  • Calmness on handling (making vet and grooming visits easy)
  • Loose lead walking (including walking past distractions)
  • Leave it, drop and give
  • How to greet people without jumping up
  • Coming back when called and developing relationships with your puppy which mean they want to be with you when out and about
  • Games to play and why
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Body language and meeting other dogs
  • Wait and frustration tolerance (you can’t always have what you want)
  • Settle (so you can take your dog anywhere)
  • Your breed and why your puppy does what it does
  • Help with chewing, mouthing and toilet training
  • Focus and attention

Puppies have chance to complete their Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award as well as to go on to further training.

Our 7 week course is £105, payable on booking.

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Online Puppy Course

Our 7 week Puppy Course is now being delivered as an online option

If you are picking up a new puppy during this Covid-19 pandemic and are panicking about learning and socialising, panic no more

Our course will give you all the tools you need

  • Online video modules 
  • Weekly Facebook Live Training
  • Donwloadable PDFs
  • Trainer support via Zoom or Whats App

Please email with questions - a link for the online course will be emailed on booking

Starts On:
March 29, 2020
7:00 PM
Ends On:
March 29, 2020
8:00 PM
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