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We are here to help you and your dog.

Puppy Classes

7 weeks of life relevant, family orientated, puppy classes with added kennel club puppy foundation award. Informative, supportive, fun and experienced.
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Older Dog Training

Our beginners life skills courses are perfect for older dogs who missed puppy classes or for rescue dogs with no training. Please contact us to see if your dog is suitable. 4 weeks of intensive, expert training
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Behaviour Consultations

Expert, vet referred, experienced behaviour consultations, with practical sessions over an individually tailored programme. Reactive dog programme – for those dogs who don’t like other dogs.
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Virtual Online Puppy Training

Can’t find a physical puppy class? Still need to train your puppy? Class schedules not co-ordinating with the kids/work etc? Don’t panic, our amazing 6 week course is available in this comprehensive online version.


Puppy training & dog training in Bristol

We care about you and your dog and pride ourselves on offering a professional yet personal service. As leading experts in dog training and behaviour, we believe we can help you achieve your dogs’ potential.

At Talk to the Paw we understand what it’s like to raise a puppy. We have experienced the ups and downs of owning a difficult teenager who doesn’t listen and seems to forget all their training. We know the joy and worry of taking on a rescue dog. We understand what it’s like to live with a dog with aggression issues towards people/other dogs as we have been there ourselves.And because we understand how you are feeling, we can listen and work with you. We combine our knowledge of behavioural and learning science with our compassion and understanding of people to provide an all-round supportive service for you all your dog needs.

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We offer:

  • Experienced, life relevant puppy classes
  • One to one help for training issues
  • Expert behaviour consultations on vet referral
Or if you would just like to watch our training videos or download an ebook, please get in touch with us today – we look forward to being part of your life with your dog.