Success Stories : In house fighting

2 Golden Retrievers sitting together in a field in the sunshine

Success Stories : Fighting in the house Posted on 15th August 2023   Meet the boys! Monty and Max are 2 Golden Retrievers, both from a rescue abroad. Monty arrived last November and Max in June. The boys went for a walk and all seemed fine but on returning to the house, Monty attacked Max…

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Can we prevent aggression in dogs?

White and brown Jack Russell terrier dog growling and snarling with whale eye and ears pinned back at camera

Preventing Aggression in Dogs : is it possible? Posted on 21st June 2023   Aggression from dogs towards humans is on the increase. Since the pandemic, its the most common problem I see with my behaviour cases (used to be reactive dogs). Recent events in South Wales have shown an increase of dog attacks on…

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Why your dog may not take treats in training

A dog with a dog treat, a human hand handing the dog the treat

5 reasons why your dog may not take treats in training Posted on 27th Sept 2022 One of the things I hear often is “my dog is not really treat motivated”.  It always make me ask more questions as it is not usual for dogs to turn away the offer of something tasty. When I…

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Nipping it in the bud

A beagle dog leaning on a dining table and eating the tail of a battered fish

Nipping things in the bud (bad dog behaviours) Posted on 19th August 2022 If I had a pound……… The phrase “I just need to nip it in the bud” drives me mad Now, I may be wrong, but to me it implies that something unwanted just needs to be stopped, without any consideration of why…

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My puppy has gone off their food

Golden Retriever puppy that is so small, they fit in their dog bowl. Represents playing with food instead of eating.

My puppy has gone off their food Posted on 3rd June 2021 Learn about normal eating behaviours “How much to feed my puppy?” – the hardest thing ever, isn’t it? You start off well, measuring and monitoring, feeding like the breeder told you to. But then your puppy grows and grows and you need to…

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Why does my puppy get the Zoomies?

Boston Terrier running in field with the zoomies

Why does my puppy get the Zoomies? Posted on 1st April 2021 Puppy Frenetic Random Activity Periods – Explained Zoomies – that witching hour when your puppy runs around, barks, nips and generally resembles something that is possessed. Every dog does this and it makes most owners worry! More technically, these episodes are called Frenetic…

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