Why does my dog bark so much?

Barking Chihuahua on a grass verge next to water

Why does my dog bark so much? Posted on 16th November 2023   Barking dogs! They can be a proper nuisance, can’t they? If your dog is barking out and about, it can be really embarrassing. My dog barked loudly in the middle of a Christmas carol concert once! Persistent barking in the home drives…

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What about punishment in dog training?

A Japanese Spitz sat on the sofa being told "no" by a human, a humans finger is signalling to the dog.

What about punishment in dog training? Posted on 28th September 2023   I’m going to admit it… there are times in my life when I get stressed and frustrated. Sometimes, these feelings make me withdraw and need time on my own and other times, you may find me a little snappy and sharp. This can…

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Can we prevent aggression in dogs?

White and brown Jack Russell terrier dog growling and snarling with whale eye and ears pinned back at camera

Preventing Aggression in Dogs : is it possible? Posted on 21st June 2023   Aggression from dogs towards humans is on the increase. Since the pandemic, its the most common problem I see with my behaviour cases (used to be reactive dogs). Recent events in South Wales have shown an increase of dog attacks on…

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The Problem With Teenagers

Kerry Blue Terrier climbing up on owners leg, owner has bare feet, stood in a field

The Problem with Teenagers Posted on 17th Feb 2023   Teenagers: love ’em or hate ’em, we have all been one. I don’t think I was a very pleasant one. Whilst I loved school, I really struggled with authority and feeling left out of stuff. My poor mum did not have an easy time with…

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Why your dog may not take treats in training

A dog with a dog treat, a human hand handing the dog the treat

5 reasons why your dog may not take treats in training Posted on 27th Sept 2022 One of the things I hear often is “my dog is not really treat motivated”.  It always make me ask more questions as it is not usual for dogs to turn away the offer of something tasty. When I…

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Nipping it in the bud

A beagle dog leaning on a dining table and eating the tail of a battered fish

Nipping things in the bud (bad dog behaviours) Posted on 19th August 2022 If I had a pound……… The phrase “I just need to nip it in the bud” drives me mad Now, I may be wrong, but to me it implies that something unwanted just needs to be stopped, without any consideration of why…

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Hot dogs – behaviour changes in hot weather

Pembroke Welsh Corgi on a lilo with black sunglasses on

Hot Dogs – behaviour changes in hot weather Posted on 4th July 2022 At this time of year, our social media feeds are full of advice about not taking your dog out in hot weather. It’s crazy that we have to repeat this year in, year out as people still don’t get it, but I…

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4 things you can do to improve your recall today

Speedy dog recall example of a dog running along a woodland path

4 ways you can improve your dog recall today Posted on 16th March 2022 It’s got to be one of the saddest things – having a dog who can’t run free for fear of what they may do. We’ve seen the potential disasters of not having a good recall. We laughed at “Fenton” and we…

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