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4 ways you can improve your dog recall today

Posted on 16th March 2022

Speedy dog recall example of a dog running along a woodland path

It's got to be one of the saddest things - having a dog who can't run free for fear of what they may do.

We've seen the potential disasters of not having a good recall. We laughed at "Fenton" and we have all been approached by dogs charging at us or our dogs when out, only to find the owners can't get them back.

There are some simple things you can do to improve your recall today, from your next walk.


Take some good stuff on your dog walk

Dogs come back if there is good stuff on offer. If there is better stuff on offer away from you, then they are not going to come back for your one biscuit.

Prepare ahead of time and grab some tasty stuff.

We use chicken, cheese, sliced beef, cooked liver, cream cheese in a tube, black pudding and hotdog sausage.

When your dog does come back, give them stuff for free, not for sitting but for coming back. And don't be a stingery grump pants.

Be generous.


Put your phone away

Phones are so distracting, I know the temptation of seeing what that notification was or just phoning Karen quickly to say hi but they take your attention away from your dog.

Dogs understand when humans look at those screen things, they don't give them any attention.

It can be so tempting to snap pics and show everyone the views from your walk but it will lessen your dogs desire to be around you.

Give your dog your full attention.


Play with your dog

We all use our walks for different reasons. Some of us to de - stress after a busy day, some of us to get away from the kids for an hour, some of us for fitness.

But here's the's not your walk. It's your dogs' walk.

Go and play, run with them, use toys, be connected, let them climb stuff, let them splash in stuff, splash in stuff with them.

Slow down and check things out with your dog. Hide food or toys and look for them together.

Playing with your dog may even mean you don't need a recall as they are more likely to stay around you.


Pick the environment carefully 

If your dog ignores you because they're chasing squirrels, don't walk where there are squirrels.

If your dog won't come away from other dogs, stop going to the park at the busiest time of day.

If they chase joggers or bikes or small people on scooters, go somewhere different and use the first 3 points to get a better recall


If you need help with your recall, don't leave it for another summer.

Imagine the freedom you could have this year with a better recall.


Join our recall class near Bristol, or download our online course.

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