Older Dog Training In Bristol

Clair hickson training a dog

Our life skills training for older dogs

  • Suitable for dogs over 5 months old, and an ideal starting point if you have missed puppy classes our beginners courses concentrate on teaching skills which are relevant to life with your dog.
  • Skills are broken down, explained and demonstrated and detailed support given to help you and your dog achieve them.
  • Everything we teach has a reason, and aims to develop your skills as an observer and owner as well as developing thinking, problem solving and confidence skills in your dog.
  • we regret this is not suitable for dogs who are reactive to other or have shown aggression towards people. Please contact us about our behaviour packages if this describes your dog

Our specialist courses

Our specialist 4 week courses include recall, loose lead walking, scentwork and therapy dog preparation
Please see below for upcoming dates

Skills covered include

  • Dog does not run off when lead unclipped
  • Owner can feed the dog a treat without snatching
  • Recall back to owner from end of long lead
  • Settle
  • Loose lead walk past mild distractions
  • Hold a position for 10 seconds
  • Leave a stationary article
  • Recall from another dog off lead
  • wait at a door or barrier
  • Loose lead walk along the road
  • Leave a moving article
  • Stop the dog going away from you
  • Send the dog to settle on a mat
  • co-operate with grooming
  • greet people nicely
  • body language