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Real-Life Success Stories

Learn more about how we've helped dogs and their owners tackle their problems. Each case study looks at the specific issues faced, and how Talk to the Paw helped identify root causes, find suitable solutions and support both the dog and their owner to implement them.

2 Golden Retrievers sitting together in a field in the sunshine

Success Stories : In house fighting

Success Stories : Fighting in the house Posted on 15th August 2023   Meet the boys! Monty and ...
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You can find more ideas about how to train and socialise your dog in our blog. We've also gots lots of advice about common dog behaviour problems and how to solve them. For more personalised advice, you can book into one of our online or in-person classes, or book a 121 session to fully explore your dog's behavioural issues.

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“Pick My Brain” in a high-value, information-intensive phone call that allows you to begin to get unstuck quicker, diagnose your problem and start to solve your frustrations by pointing you in the right direction. I will listen carefully to understand the issues you're experiencing with your dog, ask you further questions and end with reassurance, clarity, actions and next steps. Pick my brain sessions are not designed to solve your problem, they will set you off in the right direction. Only £30 for 30 minutes.